The Areopagus Center, Romania

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The Areopagus Center for Christian Studies and Contemporary Culture is a nongovernmental organization whose mission is to facilitate the link between the Christian faith and contemporary culture, to articulate Christian alternatives in society and to contribute to the development of civil society and of a democratic environment through the promotion of interconfessional dialogue, educational programs and activities, research, publication, reflection and social involvement.

The values promoted by the Areopagus Center are the following:

  • Affirmation, promotion and support of human dignity, regardless of race, nationality, sex, social class or religion.
  • Promotion of love, liberty and solidarity, as they are reflected in the Christian message
  • Affirmation of the intrinsic importance of all creation (nature, human society, the universe)

Main Objectives:

  1. To offer assistance and expertise to persons, churches and religious communities in order that they might have a constructive and informed position in the process of the moral and democratic reconstruction of civil society, through the organization of weekly interdenominational forums periodic seminars, roundtables, courses, and cultural and theological studies.
  2. To encourage and equip religious communities to assume a positive, active role with a view to eliminating social fractures, preventing individual disintegration, the healing of broken interpersonal relationships and promotion of an ethos of mutual
    acceptance and love.
  3. To offer specialized assistance and supervision to disadvantaged social groups, for the purpose of offering them an equal chance in the process of economic and social integration, through the offering of free courses in various specializations (modern languages, computers), psychotherapy and counseling, and assistance in the job hunting process.
  4. To initiate and to encourage dialogue and cooperation between various religious groups.
  5. To study the issue of religion of the Southeastern European region, for the purpose of promoting a constructive understanding of its role in European construction.
  6. To build a specialized library that allows access to fundamental contributions as well as the most recent works in the areas of religious studies and the humanities.
  7. To assist and to offer specialized courses to specialized categories of foreign citizens who wish to settle in Romania (Romanian language courses, courses of introduction to Romanian culture and civilization).